Pine Grove Cemetery

Burial Services

Cemetery Space Purchase

Whether you wish your full body remains to be interred in the ground, or if cremation is your choice, Pine Grove Cemetery can accommodate your preference. Caskets and cremated remains can be interred in our plots while monuments, headstones or flush markers can be purchased to mark the graves for others to visit and honor those who are interred.

Regardless of your choice, our commitment remains the same: to maintain these grounds with perpetual care.


Grave Space

Plots can be purchased as a single grave or for multiple graves. The number of interments and/or cremations allowed in a grave site depend on the grave purchased (single or double depth) and location of the grave site. Typically, only one headstone is allowed per grave space. A double grave may share one “double” headstone.

If multiple graves are purchased for a family, a large monument may be purchased to denote the family plots. If a large monument is purchased, flush grave markers must be used for individual graves in the family plot.

Graves may be marked with a one-piece granite marker that sits above the surface of the earth. There are several styles of these markers – the caretaker will discuss what is permitted in each area before you make a decision on the grave space.

Flush Markers, flat granite headstones, must be used in certain areas of the cemetery.

Cemetery caretaking Services

For over 130 years, perpetual care and maintenance have been important to Pine Grove Cemetery and our caretaking crew .We work hard to provide this care of the cemetery’s burial sites, buildings, and grounds.