Pine Grove Cemetery

Cemetery Policy

Rules and Regulations

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Pine Grove (PGC) Operating Procedures

a. Visitors shall respect the solemnity of the cemetery and observe the rules that have been established for the purpose of securing quiet and good order at all times within the cemetery.

b. Reasonable efforts are made to protect flowers, trees, shrubs and other property from vandalism and/or theft; however, no responsibility for their protection is assured or implied.

c. The right of admittance to the cemetery may be restricted.

d. Pets are allowed in the cemetery provided they are on a leash and clean-up is mandatory.

e. All persons are prohibited from removing any flowers, plants or shrubs, whether cultivated or wild; breaking or injuring any tree or shrub; marring, defacing, breaking or removing any memorial; defacing or injuring any property whatsoever.

f. Driving on lawns is strictly prohibited.

g. Cemetery Management has the right to remove or cause to be removed any shrubs, trees, plants, monuments, markers or inscriptions thereon that are deemed objectionable or injurious.

h. Cemetery Management may expel from the grounds or caused to be arrested any persons violating these rules and regulations or disturbing the sanctity of the cemetery by noise or improper conduct.

a. Sale of lots shall be paid for in full at the time of purchase and sold on an as-needed basis.

b. Upon the payment in full of the purchase price, a deed will be executed and delivered to the purchaser. Each deed shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the cemetery, including any revisions as may lawfully be made from time to time by the Pine Grove Cemetery Board of Directors and Cemetery Management. This deed shall grant to the purchaser only the right to use the lot for burial purposes for him/herself, heirs, family members and such friends as may be buried therein.

c. In the event any owner elects to sell their lot(s), Pine Grove Cemetery shall have the first right to purchase said lot(s) at a price no greater than the price at which the lot(s) were originally sold. Further, no transfer or sale of lot(s) will be valid except upon the prior written consent of Cemetery Management and upon receipt of a quit-claim deed. Assignment of any grave spaces by any purchaser, owner or heir will only be valid when recorded in the town records.

d. Care of cemetery lots in the form of plantings, flowers, shrubbery and ground cover will not be provided by Pine Grove Cemetery. Such plantings shall be the responsibility of lot owners and heirs.

e. When a deed is issued to a lot owner, it conveys only the right to burial therein and it shall be the duty of Cemetery Management to enter thereon and prohibit, remove or modify any object or adornment, including any planting or work done in violation of the rules which may be judged objectionable or injurious to the lots, its environs or adjacent lots. Expenses for restoring the lot will be the sole responsibility of lot owners or its heirs.

f. Pine Grove Cemetery is laid out in sections. Different sections may be improved or modified from time to time in accordance with demand for lots and in the judgement of Pine Grove Cemetery’s Board of Directors and Cemetery Management.

g. No fence, hedge, coping or railing will be allowed to enclose a lot. All boundaries between lots shall be uniform as determined by Cemetery Management.

h. All rubbish or refuse matter collected on any lot must be removed by the owner to such places as provided by the cemetery. In the event a lot owner fails to comply, said material will be removed by Cemetery Management and a charge may assessed to the owner.

a. Owners/heirs of lots may plant, subject to the written approval of Cemetery Management, shrubs, plants and flower beds; however, if said plantings are neglected and not in accordance with cemetery requirements, they shall be removed without notice and, if applicable, a charge to restore the lot to the appropriate condition may be assessed. No plantings will be allowed in the Memorial Section.

b. Planting done without permission will be removed without notice and the lot restored to its original condition at the expense of lot owner/heirs.

c. The cutting of turf in any lot is prohibited.

d. The placing of a single potted plant is permitted; however, after they have ceased to bloom or have been neglected, they will be removed. Potted plants dug into the soil will be removed immediately without notice. Cut flowers are permitted when placed in an appropriate container.

e. The planting or removal of trees will not be allowed. The cemetery will consider donation of trees to be planted in a location determined by Cemetery Management.

f. Planting of shrubs or flower beds on single or multiple lots will be allowed in certain sections of the cemetery. Where approved, planting are required to conform to an area approximately 8 inches from the center of the lot. Please check with Cemetery Management before planting.

g. No person shall erect any mound within any lot or border or change the grade of any lot without approval of Cemetery Management.

h. The spreading of fertilizer, ashes or any other material on any lot is prohibited. The spreading of any chemicals or compounds to control the growth of undesirable grasses is prohibited.

i. Artificial decorations of any description are not permitted in the growing season between May 1 and November 15. Winter decorations including grave blankets, pine boughs, wreaths, etc. are permitted between Thanksgiving and May 1; staking of such decorations is hazardous and not permitted. Articles such as glass jars, vases, water cans, food tins, wood or iron cases, cardboard cartons, concrete urns or statues, lights, palm ornaments and bric-a-brac of any description are prohibited and will be removed without notice.

j. A maximum of two potted plants (real or artificial) per lot will be permitted providing they are not more than 12 inches high and not exceeding 12 inches in diameter.

a. All caskets must be enclosed in a concrete, steel vault or other approved container for earth interment. Use of wood or other perishable materials is not permitted.

b. All graves must be opened and closed under supervision of Cemetery Management or their agent. No interment or disinterment will be allowed without the approval and supervision of Cemetery Management. A request for disinterment shall be in writing and all charges shall be paid in full in advance. A permit by the Registrar of Vital Statistics shall be presented to Cemetery Management before disinterment can take place for removal from the cemetery.

c. Funeral processions upon entering the cemetery are under the control of Cemetery Management. Funeral processions must leave the cemetery by 3:00pm Monday through Friday and by 12:noon Saturday.

d. Burials from the vault are usually made without the presence of family, minister or funeral director; however, notice is given that such burial will take place so that they may be present or represented.

e. Notice of grave openings must be requested by 12: noon of the previous day, Monday through Friday. Saturday burials must be requested by 12: noon Thursday.

f. If, in the opinion of Cemetery Management, a burial request received after 12: noon can be accomplished, appropriate late fees will be applied.
g. Written notice of any disinterment shall be made 7 days in advance; at the time of disinterment, the cemetery shall have all necessary papers and fees paid.

h. Lot owners, heirs and agents should give special attention to designated grave locations within each burial plot. Locations given over the phone or electronically should be confirmed in writing prior to interment. Otherwise, interment will be made at the lot owner’s expense. Cemetery Management will assume no responsibility for errors in location.

i. Funeral designs will be removed from the site when they become unsightly. Persons desiring to retain same should remove them within 48 hours of interment during the summer and 48 hours of interment during the winter.

a. Workmen engaged in the erection of memorials, markers, monuments and vaults of any description shall be subject to control of Cemetery Management. Any workman failing to comply will not be allowed to continue his/her work.

b. Heavily laden trucks will not be allowed to enter the cemetery when, in the opinion of Cemetery Management, the roads or cemetery grounds may be adversely affected.

c. No monument or other memorial may be brought into the cemetery until an application displaying the sketch or blueprint with specifications showing the design, materials, finish, size and description thereon is submitted to Cemetery Management and approved. Such application shall include information including the name of the lot owner(s), lot number and section number.

d. The building of foundations and the laying out of grave markers shall be performed only by Cemetery Management and its employees. Payment is required in advance for these foundations and grave markers.

e. All grave markers in the Memorial Park shall be of the flush type; in conformity with those already on existing lots.

f. Monumental work, monuments, boulders, colonial tablets and grave markers in granite only will be permitted; except in conformity with those already on a lot.

g. After monumental work has been installed, a dealer or lot owner wishing to remove same from the lot must first obtain written approval from Cemetery Management. It shall be the responsibility of the dealer or lot owner to make good on any damages to the monumental work or to the ground resulting from such activities.

h. No monumental work may be brought in on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays without the approval of Cemetery Management.

i. The lower base of all monuments must be dressed to a true level on the bottom as to bear evenly at all points upon the foundation without use of chips, sprawls or underpinnings. A bed of cement must be spread evenly over the top of the foundation and the base lowered on to it.

j. No chains or ropes may be attached to trees or other objects.

k. To bridge or construct any foundation over a grave is prohibited. All monument foundations shall clear the grave and be constructed to a depth of 5 feet and installed only by Cemetery Management and its employees.

l. Pine Grove Cemetery will not assume any damages to any monument or markers caused by vandalism, private contractors working in the cemetery or circumstances beyond Pine Grove Cemetery’s control and duty.