Pine Grove Cemetery

Frequently Asked Questions

I just lost a loved one. How do I make arrangements?

Contact us to select a new plot or to reserve space available in your existing family lot. You will be advised on the costs involved.

What can I do to take better care of my lot?

Before you begin working on your lot, contact our administration department or review our rules and regulations about approved plantings and restoration methods.

I’m ready to buy a cemetery property. Where do I start?

Contact a funeral home to make arrangements for your service. You can call or come to the cemetery to meet with the caretaker, who will show you available space, provide information on available options and discuss costs.

Our burial plans have changed. Can we sell our property?

You’ll need to contact Pine Grove Cemetery if you wish to sell or transfer your burial rights.The cemetery can buy back the property.

In certain cases, the current lot owner may wish to donate the burial space back to the cemetery. Please contact us to learn more.

Where can I find out what cemetery property costs and how I can pay for it?

The costs of our services are posted in our main office. Payment is expected before the service.

I have an idea for a unique memorial. What are my options?

You must obtain the approval of Pine Grove  as we want to ensure that the monument can be maintained and is compatible with the overall design of the section where your property is located. Check our rules and regulations for detailed information on memorialization.