Pine Grove Cemetery

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When a death occurs

We are so sorry for your loss. If you have not already called and scheduled a meeting with us, please contact us anytime at (860) 346-0271 Thank you for calling upon Pine Grove Cemetery during this difficult time of your life.


Choose from a variety of available lots in our cemetery. Monuments or flush markers  are allowed depending on the location of the plot. Options include:

Single Lots

Single lots provide space for individuals or multiple cremated remains and allow for a flush marker or an upright memorial depending on the location.

Companion Lots

Companion lots provide space for two or more individuals or multiple cremated remains. Plots can be purchased with double depths, allowing more individuals to be buried in the plot.One monument usually names the individuals buried in that location.

State Lots

Estate lots provide space for those who want to accommodate several family generations in one area of the cemetery. Estate lots allow for a keystone memorial which identifies the family as well as personalized markers for each individual.